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Morocco Motorcycle Tour 2019

Batch I : 5 – 13 March 2019
Batch II : 21 – 29 March 2019
Batch III : 3 – 11 April 2019

*Bookings close on 28 Feb 2019

Morocco is the gateway to Saharan Africa. An exotic land with a unique mix of Arabic, European and the local Berber cultures that can be traced back to the country’s colonial past and its geographical location on the north-western tip of Africa.

It is the safest country on the continent and Moroccans are friendly and accommodating towards tourists. Apart from its cultural diversity, the country is also known for its cuisine, art and ever-changing landscapes, which makes it an exciting country for a road trip!

Our weeklong motorcycle tour of Morocco will start and end in the Imperial city of Marrakesh. Shop for local artefacts in the famous souqs of Marrakesh, walk through narrow alleys of the fortified Medina (old town) and experience a sensory overload in Jemaa el Fna, the vibrant central square.

The ride will start the following day and you will explore the southern part of this country for the next one week on BMW motorcycles. Conquer the scenic mountain passes in the High Atlas and Anti Atlas mountains, camp in luxury tents in the sand dunes of Sahara Desert and scramble through an off-road stage of the original Dakar rally!

A MotoRover guide on motorcycle will lead this tour from the front and our convoy of bikers will be followed by a backup car that carries tools, a mechanic and your luggage. It can also accommodate a passenger or two and will always trail the convoy to ensure everyone is safe and on track.

We have designed this tour after a thorough on-ground exploration of Morocco to give you a refined experience. The terrain is enjoyable for amateur as well as experienced riders and the daily riding distances have been crafted to provide you ample breaks and photo opportunities.

Group size will be limited to 12 riders, and apart from the motorcycles and support team, the tour package includes fuel, airport pickup/drop, a local simcard, dinners, accommodation in boutique hotels and Riads and local sightseeing. All you have to do is signup, arrive and ride.

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Silk Route Motorcycle Tour 2019

Silk Route Motorcycle Tour 2019
24-31 May 2019

*Bookings close on 20 April 2019

Kyrgyzstan is one of the best-kept secrets of Central Asia. It is a magical land of snow-capped mountains that disappear into the clouds, alpine lakes with turquoise water, stunning gorges, glacial rivers and vast swathes of velvety grasslands dotted with wild horses and cattle grazing peacefully.

Located to the north of India, Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country but has the world’s second largest alpine lake, the Issyk-Kul.

Motorover’s weeklong, guided motorcycle tour of the Silk Route in Kyrgyzstan starts and ends in the country’s bustling capital, Bishkek. There will be a MotoRover tour manager on the lead bike and the group will be followed by the sweep car that carries your luggage and has a mechanic and first-aid kit on board to ensure that you get the support required to explore this foreign land.

All the paved roads on this tour were part of the ancient silk road that was used for transporting silk and spices from China to the European continent. However, the real beauty of Kyrgyzstan reveals itself only when you venture off-road. Our route has a mix of paved and dirt road riding that takes you through breath-taking landscapes and mountain passes.

That’s not all, carefully selected sights like the Tash Rabat caravanserai and cultural experiences like the tradional horse games, carpet weaving, eagle hunting, yurt stay (traditional Central Asian round tent) and the folklore show will give you an enriching insight into the nomadic lifestyle of the Kyrgyz.

For more details write to us on or call us on +91 7517426707

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Northern Europe Motorcycle Tour 2018

Northern Europe Motorcycle Tour 2018

Flanked by Russia to the east and the Baltic Sea to the west, the ‘Baltic States’ of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in northern Europe are an enchanting land of untouched forests, endless beaches and medieval castles. Their long Soviet past has left indelible impressions in the form of Stalinist architecture and the occasional Lada cars zooming around, while the old towns of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius exude the typical European charm – cobbled streets, cosy cafes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This weeklong tour across three countries will start in Tallinn (Estonia) and end in Vilnius (Lithuania). A MotoRover tour manager will lead the ride on a motorcycle and a sweep car will follow the riders to ensure no one is left behind and to carry the group’s luggage. Our route has a good mix of wide open highways where you can revel in flat out riding while the carefully chosen winding countryside roads offer stunning rural landscapes of fields, blue skies, lakes and Baroque architecture. Riding will be on paved roads and there are six different options of touring bikes to choose from.

The northern Europe motorcycle tour balances out the riding and free time for you to enjoy riding along the Baltic Sea and indulging in Soviet era experiences. Hotels are centrally located in big cities where you can take a walking tour of the beautiful old towns and shop for Baltic amber. Ride with us this August to explore the forgotten part of the European continent.

For more details write to us on or call us on +91 7517426707