Presenting Uniquely made Rally Footpegs for your motorcycles.

Die-Cast Stainless Steel product.

Patented Design.

Product design was done with some inputs and suggestions from Rally Pilots. 

Good use of these pegs is when your foot is a little far away from the bike, your balancing with feet is much better.

Ex:- It is just like the difference between riding a cycle with your hands right at the center of the handlebar vs riding with your hands at the end of the handlebar.

The product will be 55mm wide and 125mm (5inchs)  lengthier giving you a comfortable Offroading and drifting/turnaround experience around the corners.

Made from Stainless steel 304 material which is corrosion resistant and will serve generations.

This is just the pegs don’t come with rubber top surface as our Adventurist premium Adjustable footpegs.

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