Rynox Helium Gt 2 Jacket - All Black


Introducing the Helium GT 2 Jacket. Lighter than Air!

Our lightest jacket yet, with best-in-class ventilation, without compromising on protection.

The Helium GT 2 is the perfect versatile jacket for city commutes and highway rides.

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Best-in-Class Ventilation
  • The Helium GT 2 Jacket is engineered for the maximum ventilation possible, without compromising on protection and comfort. Strategically placed full-coverage 3D mesh panels make sure you remain cool, while at the same time keeping you protected.
DWR Coated Shell

DWR or “Durable Water Repellent,” is a specialised coating applied to the outside surface of the 600D polyester shell fabric of the Helium GT 2  Jacket. The DWR treatment makes the fabric repel oil, grease, dirt, and water. Fabrics treated with DWR typically tend to not get saturated with water as easily as fabrics without a DWR coat. Fabrics without a DWR coat typically tend to get saturated with water, become heavy and cling to your skin making you feel damp.

The DWR treatment also augments the abrasion resistance properties of the 600D polyester shell fabric, increasing the durability and lengthening the service life of the Helium GT 2 Jacket.


  • The DWR treatment is not intended to keep you dry in sustained rainfall. For that, we highly recommend our H2Go Rain Jacket or any other purpose-built motorcycle rain jacket.
  • The DWR treatment may wear off over a period of time. This will not reduce the inherent abrasion resistance of the 600D polyester shell
Our Lightest Jacket Yet
  • The primary shell of the Helium GT 2 weighs in at only 880 grams. The weight of the jacket with Safetech Viscoflex protectors (Elbow, Shoulder and  back) is 1.7 kgs. Which makes the Helium GT 2  our lightest jacket yet!
  • A lightweight jacket helps reduce fatigue and increase maneuverability for the rider
  • Now ride with all the freedom and comfort you need with the Helium GT 2 Jacket
Cerros Zero-G Protection

The Air GT 4 Jacket is equipped with a CE certified asymmetric impact protection from Cerros, with flexible, asymmetric.

  • Shoulder and Elbow: Cerros Zero-G CE Level 2 protector, with asymmetric design, certified to EN 1621-1:2012  (T+/T-)
  • Back: Cerros Zero-G CE Level 2 protector certified to EN 1621-1:2014 (T+/T-)
  • Chest: Cerros Zero-G CE Level 2 protectors, with asymmetric design, certified to standard EN1621-3:2018

ASYMMETRIC DESIGN: The asymmetric design profile of the Cerros Zero-G S1A Asymmetric Shoulder Protector has been specifically contoured and shaped to fit the natural book-matched curvature of the human shoulders body and provide targeted protection to at the shoulder.

  • Improved mobility: Greater freedom of movement while riding
  • Enhanced protection: Specific coverage where it is required, mirrored on either side
  • Reduced weight: Inherently lighter and more streamlined

FLEXIBLE: The Zero-G formula enables the Cerros S1A Asymmetric Shoulder  to bend and move with the wearer’s body, while retaining its original shape memory; without compromising on impact protection and comfort.

LIGHTWEIGHT: The indigenously developed Zero-G technology makes the Cerros Zero-G S1A Asymmetric Shoulder Protector 25% lighter than the competition, making them extremely sleek and comfortable to wear for long durations.

VENTILATED: The vents in the Cerros Zero-G Protector allow air to flow freely through the protector, which
  • Helps to reduce body heat build-up
  • Aids in the dispersal of moisture
  • Regulates body temperature
Wingman Accident Insurance

When you are on a ride, isn’t it nice to know that someone’s got your back – in the twisties and the long haul! Rynox wants to be that riding companion for you. Your wingman!

Our gear is designed with top-notch protective features and highest quality standards to reduce the risk of injury to you in case of a fall. Now with Wingman insurance, we go even further to give you a hand to help you get back up afterwards. Just like a Wingman would!

When you purchase the Helium GT 2 you get a complimentary accident insurance cover of INR 50,000/- for 1 year, from Rynox!

So, have a safe ride with Rynox.

To register for Rynox Wingman Accident Insurance after purchasing the jacket, click here.

To read the terms & conditions, click here.



  • Super Ventilated Outer Shell – Lightweight and sturdy 3D mesh with dual-fold knit
  • Heavy Duty Textile – 600D PU coated polyester.
  • DWR Shell – DWR coated polyester shell for added abrasion resistance
  • Safety Stitch System – Reinforced dual stitching on slide zones
  • Converts to a Suit – Jacket-to-pants connection zipper. Prevents the jacket from riding up in a slide.
  • Shoulder and Elbow: Cerros Zero-G (Indian) CE Level 2 protectors, with asymmetric design, certified to standard EN 1621-1:2012  (T+/T-) (New for 2023)
  • Back: Cerros Zero-G (Indian) CE Level 2 protector, certified to standard EN 1621-1:2014 (New for 2023)
  • Chest – Cerros Zero-G (Indian) CE Level 2 protectors, with asymmetric design, certified to standard EN1621-3:2018 (New for 2023)
  • Increased Low Light Visibility – Retro reflective panels on chest, arms and back
  • Fit – Street fit
  • Cushioned Comfort – Soft Neoprene trims on collar and cuffs, prevent chafing of the skin
  • Fit Modulation – Girth adjusters on the waist, arms and cuffs
  • Cargo Capacity – 2 side pockets
What’s Included
  • Primary jacket shell (1 unit)
  • Shoulder protectors (2 units)
  • Elbow protectors (2 units)
  • Back protector (1 unit)
  • Chest protectors ( 2 Units)
  • The Helium GT 2 Jacket has a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase/delivery.
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