MOTOTECH Komodo Phone Mount – 5.5 inch screen

MOTOTECH Komodo Phone Mount – 5.5 inch screen


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Robust Framework – Sturdy non-slip polymer-lined Komodo grip and high grade slide lock holds the case firmly in place at all times.

Water Repellent – Solid construction, combined with coated fastener, keeps the device dry from scanty showers. Not recommended in heavy rains.

Simple Assembly – Threaded design for effortless installation and release.

Dust Resistant – The well-protected case protects the internal device from elements.

Clenching Grip – Upper and Lower Jaw like construction for facilitating maximum grip on to the handle-bar.

360 Degree Swivel – The pouch can be rotated and placed at any angle as and when needed.

Vibration-proof – Two foams of different sizes are included, which can be used in absorbing vibrations for devices of varying thickness.

Maximum diameter: 38mm
Minimum diameter: 20mm

FREE Accessory Carabiner inside


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