Carbon Racing Windshield for Dominar 400/250


Ready Stock: Will fit all the Dominar Models from 2017 to recent, and All Dominar 250 Models.

Here is the world’s best Windshield designed specially for Dominar 400/250 and Wind Tunnel tested.


  • Made from a very unique blend of high end Poly-carbonate and ABS to provide rigidity yet be flexible.
  • Product will be available in 3 Colors. 1) 100% Clear, 2) Semi-Black  3) Dark Black
  • This windshield will replace the OEM windshield at the same mounting points.

What is in the package:
1 X Windshield for Dominar 400/250

1X Complimentary set of Handlebar Mounted Windshield Stabilizer Kit worth Rs. 1500

*  Warranty terms and conditions as per Carbon Racing policies.